Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let's Play a Game...

WE ARE going to play a little game. Can you guess where WE ARE? We will give you TEN BIG (ELEVEN) clues...

( can click on the pictures for bigger details)

Nelson and MeToo first stopped for lunch.
You can MEET US AT THE CORNER anytime!
People here have been doing it since 1855...

Look who decided to tag along! Silly Koko!
This is Nelson and Metoo's game,
but you can have the backpack
like lots of STUDENTS here do...

Metoo and Nelson horsing around...
(Of course they know they are pigs!)
These BRONZE PIGS were put here in 1996
as reminders of how the town was 100 years before

No, Nelson, this is NOT IVY LEAGUE!

Nelson just realized something really embarrassing!
He is sharing it with Metoo...

Our colors are definitely NOT red!
Our blood only runs BLUE AND WHITE here!
Whew! Good thing there were lots of stores
to help us fix this right away!

We're not LION, it is true,
This is the most popular place
to take a picture since 1942!

Can we go to the game with you, JOEPA?
No one will even see us!

No visit is complete without a stop at THE CREAMERY.
Mmmm...pumpkin ice cream (complete with pie crust bits)!

And to finish the day, a latté
made with fresh steamed cream,
milked from the cows just down the street!

If you didn't guess, Nelson is spelling it out for you.
That's right! We are at Penn State's
University Park campus in
State College, Pennsylvania!

We were here in September 2009, but you can visit anytime!

(and be sure to check out Shamokin's PSU pictures ~ coming soon!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Original Sock Monkey Pattern

Want to make a sock monkey of your own?
Here is the original pattern from the Nelson Knitting Company.
Thanks to the folks at Tipnut for sharing this!

Nelson: The Mischievous Sock Monkey

The next Sock Monkey we have to introduce is Nelson. He was named after the original creator of mass produced sock monkeys, John Nelson of the Nelson Knitting Company in Rockford, Illinois.

Nelson has proven to be quite a character, so full of mischief. Since finding a home in Millheim, PA, he has tagged along on many outings where he can find trouble in the most simple situations. But he has a good heart and provides a million laughs. His twin sister is Metoo, and even though the two could not be more than different, they often share adventures, finding a balanced sense of adventure for us to enjoy.

Without further ado, here is our Nelson, who is pleased to meet you, too!

Sorry about the strange color, but the lighting
was not great on this September evening.
This is Nelson enjoying hot wings at
The Millheim Hotel.

Nelson really likes the color red,
especially when they are hot shoes like these!
Only Nelson and his friend OptPessimist could pull this off
(perhaps we should mention they are laying in a bath tub
that is now used for a salad bar buffet?!?)