Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Our Newest Member Reilly

Reilly is a sweet little girl who simply loves Christmas, so she is sure to wear her Christmas hat every day! She arrived at her sock-Mom VEG`s house from the wilds of Calgary and has made herself at home getting to know her sock-brother Shamokin. And, as luck would have it, yesterday was Take-Your-Reilly-To-Work-Day!

OK MOM! We`re ready to go!
Shamokin wanted to make sure his little sister got off to work OK!

Reilly was a little shy at first.

But then she was excited to see her Mom`s office.

She even got to help with the filing.

OH goody! Lunch time! Any bananas for me?

OK! Back to work!

OH Mom! You have such pretty shoes!

Is it time to go already?
OK, goodbye everyone!


Cyndy said...

Welcome to the family, Reilly! Can't wait to read and see your tale of tails!

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