Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monkey Business: The Fine Print

Welcome to our blog that celebrates the fun and adventures of Sock Monkeys around the world! Just as its name may imply, Sock Monkey See, Sock Monkey Do is a forum to post your favorite Sock Monkey stories and pictures, sharing their tales (or is it tails?) with others who enjoy their mischievous yet fun loving moments.

We only have a couple of rules, for Sock Monkeys usually love to break rules, but if we can keep within these guidelines, we can all take pleasure in this blog without going bananas:

1. This is a family-oriented site to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Keep comments clean. If your comments are sexually explicit, distasteful or down right mean, we will not only edit your comment, we will report you to the proper authorities.

2. If you are sharing a story and/or a picture with us, be sure to include the name of the monkey, your name (could just be your first name or a nickname, no big deal, just something that identifies you), location and date. If you use information from another party, be sure to include its original source. Monkeys don't like CopyCats.

3. To share your Sock Monkey experience, send an e-mail to the blog's administrators listed in the blog's profile section. They will get it posted right away (so long as rules #1 and #2 are heeded). If we have any questions, we will contact you at your e-mail address. The blog's administrators reserve the right to edit any material for any reason, but a copy of the edited material will be sent to you before it is posted for your approval.

4. By sending us your story and/or photos, you understand that your data will be public and could be read, shared, referenced, or even stolen by the anyone who has internet access. We cannot take any responsibility for any wrongdoing, malpractice, misconduct or unethical behavior for these actions or for the people who do them. We seriously doubt Blogger or Google will, either. If you have any doubt, just don't share.

5. This is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions or comments as to how we can improve this blog, just let us know. Our rules and guidelines may be updated at any time but will always be listed here on the blog's home page.

The administrators of Sock Monkey See, Sock Monkey Do appreciate your cooperation!

Now let's have more fun than a barrel a monkeys!


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