Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sir Shamokin

Sir Shamokin Sock Monkey originally hails from State College, PA, but was so taken with his sock-mom, VEG, that he snuck into her purse to ensure he could return with her to her home in Vancouver, BC, CANADA (that's a whole 'nother country, you know!) and live with her happily ever after. In fact, he was so happy about this, he made sure he documented the trip home.

Here I am delving into VEG's new book at the Harrisburg, PA airport.

Oh Whew! I fit. 'Cause I was not looking forward to riding with the suitcases!

First stop: Detroit. Did you know they have LOTS of sports teams?

Seattle was next - almost home! Good thing, 'cause I was feeling a little tipsy!

Double-checking my reservation in Seattle. Who knows how many Shamokin Sock Monkeys are out there, so I wanted to make sure they knew it was me!

YAY! Made it to Vancouver - VEG was hugging this guy called Hubby so I took a little self-portrait.

PS: In case you were wondering, I am named after a VERY important town in PA. Or it could bethis little place in the middle of nowhere, I was never clear on that whole thing...


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